I'm assuming you are here because you want to contact me to ask a question, receive a personal evaluation on which ebook is right for you, or have an ebook issue addressed! This page will explain everything you need to know about contacting me and obtaining certain information.


Ask a question OR reach out to Tatiana about a personal issue/inquiry

If you have a question for me about my ebook, my programs, my app, my fitness journey, your fitness journey, etc, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out my FAQ page first! I created that page for my most commonly asked questions. Please read through my FAQ page throroughly to see if you find your answer there! If you havn't already, please also read through ALL the other pages on my website , as you may also find your answer there! I have personally created and written out every page on my website in detail, so definetly read through them before trying to get in contact with me!

Please dont neglect reading through my FAQ page and my other website pages. You might find your answer faster there than from trying to contact me! I receive a high volume of emails and dms a day, therefore a response from me can take anywhere from 12hrs-72hrs! And in rare cases, even a WEEK for QUESTIONS to get responded to!

In the event that you couldn't find the answer to your question through my FAQ page and website pages, the last resort would be filling out a contact form to ask me a question. To fill out a contact form , click below

(If you are needing to reach out to me for an inquiry or personal issue, click below as well)

Which Ebook Is Right For You ?

I have a page dedicated to associating different goals with my ebooks and helping you decide which one of my ebooks would best suit your goals! Reading the detailed and thorough explanations of my ebooks on the page about my ebooks can also assist you with making the right decision!

In the event that you still can't make a decision on which ebook would be right for you, even after reading through my "Which Ebook Is Right For Me" page and the other ebook related pages on this website, the last resort would be filling out an ebook evaluation form to ask me. To fill out an ebook evaluation form, click below (involves you uploading a full body picture).

Ebook Issue

In the unfortunate event that you lost access to your ebook (whether it was an old ebook, new edition ebook, $5 ebook, etc), or never received your ebook, or mispelled your email when purchasing an ebook, please click below to fill out a questionnaire so I can get that taken cared of for you!

(requires you to attach proof of purchase, such as a screenshot of the payment or the confirmation email)