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General Ebook Questions

What is an ebook?

What are your ebooks about and what do they include?

How do I receive my ebook?

Do you offer home based ebooks?

Methods of payment ?

Can I purchase your ebook with PayPal ?

When are your booty building ebooks coming out and why are they taking so long to become available for purchase?

Are your ebooks teen friendly ?

Do any of your ebooks work for men?

Accessing my ebook my/app

How do I access my ebook after purchase?

How do I download and access your app?

Can I access your app if I have an old edition ebook?

My App

What does your app do?

Can Android users download your app?

If I want to purchase another ebook, will I have to pay the 50 cent fee again?

Is your app required?

I sent you a message on the app but you didn't respond

I'm confused on how to do certain things on the app?

How do I activate my account on the app?

Help, Lost Access, Refunds, Exchanges, etc

I lost access to one of my ebooks, how do I get it back?

I purchased the wrong edition, can I exchange my ebook?

I don't like my ebook, can I have a refund?

I'm not seeing results and I want a refund

I purchased an ebook but have not received it yet

I emailed you and received no response

I dmd your help page and got no response

Which Ebook Is Right For Me?

I want to lose weight/lose this stubborn upper body fat but keep my curves

I'm trying to get rid of this pudge, shrink my waist, and grow a booty

I'm trying to gain weight in my booty and thighs

I want a smaller waist and a bigger booty

I want abs and thicker thighs/booty

I'm an athlete , I've been stuck at the same weight all my life and I want to build more muscle

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