Nude Marble Resistance Band Set
Nude Marble Resistance Band Set
Nude Marble Resistance Band Set
Nude Marble Resistance Band Set

Nude Marble Resistance Band Set

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Build muscle and warmup your glutes the *luxurious* way. These custom print Nude Marble resistance bands are the perfect aesthetically pleasing addition to your lower-body routine, whether you are training at home, at the gym, or warming up

What it includes:

❊ 3 color coordinated resistance bands that range from light, medium, and heavy (ex: lighted color is the lighted band, darkest color is the heaviest band, etc)

❊ Nude transparent  carry bag with a shoulder strap for your resistance bands (can be converted into a fanny pack)


Resistance bands: Premium polyester and cotton blend fabric + latex 

❊ Carry bag: Faux leather border , metal accessories (zipper, buckles, etc), and cotton shoulder strap

Keychain: Gold keychain accessory with BBT logo & Protein Shake 

Resistance Band Perks:

❊ Non-slip rubber grip embedded and sewn into the inside to prevent slipping or shifting

❊ Not too stiff/allows for a great range of motion

❊ Durable fabric blend so your bands will last you a long time

❊ Easy to clean 

Customer Reviews

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If you're reading this...Get them

If you're like me, you probably have a bunch of random latex resistance bands lying around your house... I was so close to saving a little money and getting more of the same off amazon, but I am SO glad that I didn't. THESE ARE DIFFERENT. They aren't latex, they don't roll off or up your legs, and they don't pinch. Before these, I never used resistance bands unless I was wearing thick leggings- but these are comfortable enough to use with shorts. Had I gotten some cheap latex ones, I definitely wouldn't get the same use out of them (and eventually I'd probably come back for Tati's) The little bag is the PERFECT touch too--it makes going to the gym much more fun--and I'll never lose one again! Plus they arrived in only two days--just in time!!

Thank you Tati!!!!

Best Bands EVER!!!

Quality ✅
Aesthetics ✅
Functionality ✅

I used to use super cheap bands from random stores but after getting these bands I can tell the quality is superior to any other resistance bands I have used!

The stretch is amazing, it feels nice on the skin and the attention to detail is insane!! The bag it comes in is so convenient as well as stylish to take to the gym and the colours are all so nice!

The keychain is a super pretty addition and as a frappe lover it’s sooo cute!

There is a good range of resistance amongst all the bands from light to hard and I can’t wait to see my new growth using these! 😍

No regrets 🤎🤎

Jennifer Duncan
Top notch quality!

BBT does it again! I can’t believe how amazing the quality is for all of the products and this one is no different. I love the attention to detail with the carrying bag and keychains. The bands are strong and don’t slip! Highly recommend 10 out of 10