Weight Gain Nutrition Guide

Weight Gain Nutrition Guide

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The ultimate nutrition guide for going on a successful weight gain journey while minimizing unwanted fat gain and gaining in all the right places !

This DELUXE Weight Gain Nutrition Guide includes the following:

♡ How to gain weight despite having a fast metabolism + scientific breakdown

♡ How to properly calculate & track your calories for weight gain

♡ How to easily meet your calorie goals (especially as someone with a low appetite)

♡ Detailed Q&A Section

♡ Learn about your body type

♡ Debunking popular weight gain myths

♡ How to eat to maintain your results

♡ “Where to start?” Step-By-Step guide

♡ Food/Grocery List

♡ 100 Healthy High Calorie/High Protein Meal Ideas with visual images

♡ 50 Healthy High Calorie/ High Protein Snack Ideas with visual images

♡ Meat + Dairy Eater, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, and Nut Allergy friendly meal ideas & sample meal plans

♡ How to create your own meal plan Step-By-Step guide

♡ Best supplements for your goals + recommended brands

♡ Visually Appealing

♡ One Purchase = Lifetime Access

♡ Limited Edition E-book (when my new fitness programs launch in 8+ weeks, the ebook version of this guide will no longer be offered)

Who is this nutrition guide best for?

If you fit into any of the points mentioned below , than this guide is most likely the best nutrition guide for your goals , however if you are still unsure , feel free to DM me at @bodybytati.help for a consultation

Scenario 1: You’re slim/petite and looking to gain weight (preferably in your lowerbody and/or upper body) but don’t know how to go about your nutrition for gaining weight and making it stick


  • You have a fast metabolism
  • You have struggled with gaining weight in the past and need assistance
  • You have no idea what to eat to gain weight
  • Your body type is Ectomorph or Mesomorph
  • You want to build muscle mass

Customer Reviews

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Awesome guide

I haven’t started my weight gain journey yet but I still wanted to say about the guide itself: I was not disappointed. The guide includes every point that you mentioned. The meals are very easy to make and also versatile so that you can easily switch them up. The fact that you even put together some vegan friendly meals makes me so excited to try them out because I never really knew how to gain weight while being on a vegan diet. It also shows how dedicated you are to make gaining healthy weight easy for as many people as possible.
Besides that the ingredients you mentioned are easily accessible for a lot of people.
I also like the structure: you managed to give the reader all the important things they need to know briefly but still effectively.
I live in Germany so English is not my native language but I still managed to understand a lot thanks to the way you explained showcased everything. I’d also like to mention that this is not my first guide that I purchased from you so I’m already familiar with your work and I can say that for sure: all of your guides are very organized and informative.
All in all I’m very content with my purchase: the guide contains everything you promised AND MORE, the different ingredients are very affordable, the guide is well structured and written. I definitely recommend