Weight Gain Nutrition Guide

Weight Gain Nutrition Guide

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The ultimate nutrition guide for going on a successful weight gain journey while minimizing unwanted fat gain and gaining in all the right places !

This DELUXE Weight Gain Nutrition Guide includes the following:

♡ How to gain weight despite having a fast metabolism + scientific breakdown

♡ How to properly calculate & track your calories for weight gain

♡ How to easily meet your calorie goals (especially as someone with a low appetite)

♡ Detailed Q&A Section

♡ Learn about your body type

♡ Debunking popular weight gain myths

♡ How to eat to maintain your results

♡ “Where to start?” Step-By-Step guide

♡ Food/Grocery List

♡ 100 Healthy High Calorie/High Protein Meal Ideas with visual images

♡ 50 Healthy High Calorie/ High Protein Snack Ideas with visual images

♡ Meat + Dairy Eater, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, and Nut Allergy friendly meal ideas & sample meal plans

♡ How to create your own meal plan Step-By-Step guide

♡ Best supplements for your goals + recommended brands

♡ Visually Appealing

♡ One Purchase = Lifetime Access

♡ Limited Edition E-book (when my new fitness programs launch in 8+ weeks, the ebook version of this guide will no longer be offered)

Who is this nutrition guide best for?

If you fit into any of the points mentioned below , than this guide is most likely the best nutrition guide for your goals , however if you are still unsure , feel free to DM me at @bodybytati.help for a consultation

Scenario 1: You’re slim/petite and looking to gain weight (preferably in your lowerbody and/or upper body) but don’t know how to go about your nutrition for gaining weight and making it stick


  • You have a fast metabolism
  • You have struggled with gaining weight in the past and need assistance
  • You have no idea what to eat to gain weight
  • Your body type is Ectomorph or Mesomorph
  • You want to build muscle mass

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