October Challenge Enrollment (Read first)

October Challenge Enrollment (Read first)

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MUST READ !!!! Please read in it’s entirety !

In order to join this challenge, FIRST you MUST already own one of my workout programs prior to joining ! Please do not pay the enrollment fee if you have not already purchased a program from me to use for the challenge.

If you don’t own any of my programs , but want to join my challenge, you’ll want to start off by reaching out to my support page for a free consultation! Kindly DM @bodybytati.help the following info:

- A full body photo 

- A list of your goals 

- Your preference of home or gym based workouts 

I will evaluate you and then give you a personalized recommendation based on the goals mentioned above ! Once you purchase your program, then you can purchase access to this challenge ! 

If you already own one of my programs and want to know if it’s valid for this challenge, below is a list of all the guides of mine that are valid and invalid for the challenge! 

VALID: Weight Gain Guide (has a pink cover) 

INVALID: Ultimate Guide to Gaining Weight Fast & Effectively (came out Jan. 2018)


VALID: 30 Day Fat Blaster (any version, any edition)

INVALID: 6-Week Body Sculpting Guide 


VALID: ABS & Booty Guide 

INVALID: Sexy Tummy + Booty Guide 


VALID: 12-Week Home Booty Guide

VALID: 12-Week Gym Booty Guide

VALID: 8-Week DB Only Lowerbody/Booty Guide

VALID: Core Guide 


What is the enrollment fee for ?

The $2 enrollment fee grants you access to the private motivational group chat , a bi-weekly checkin from me, and a chance to win $1000 ! There will be 2 winners ! Winners will be chosen based on those who make the most progress from their before photos ! 

The actual challenge begins October 5th. October 4th 11:59PM EST is the DEADLINE to purchase the enrollment fee before it’s removed from my website ! 

When you pay the enrollment fee , you receive a mini-ebook that contains :

- Challenge rules & instructions 

- The motivational group chat link 

- How to take proper before & after photos 

** For any questions or concerns , kindly DM my help & support page , @bodybytati.help