Lean Bulk Nutrition Guide

Lean Bulk Nutrition Guide

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This nutrition guide is a DELUXE version of the nutrition guide that comes with my 12-Week Booty Building Guides, 8-Week Dumbbell Booty Guide, and 8-week Full Body Guide. It’s the BEST guide for those who are looking to either build curves/lean muscle, OR build curves/lean muscle while losing unwanted fat over time. Also best for anyone who already owns any of the guides mentioned above.

IF you need access to workouts for building lean muscle , you’ll want to purchase a fitness guide first. To view or purchase one of my fitness guide for building lean muscle, click the following link: https://bodybytati.com/collections/12-week-bb-guides

This DELUXE Lean Bulk Nutrition Guide includes the following:

♡ How to lose fat & build muscle at the same time + Scientific breakdown

♡ How to build & maintain lean muscle + Scientific breakdown

♡ How to track your macros

♡ Macro Calculator

♡ IIFYM Method

♡ 200 High Protein Meal Ideas with calorie/protein intakes & visual images

♡ 50 High Protein Snack Ideas with calorie/protein intakes & visual images

♡ 4 Meal Plans (Meat/Dairy Eater, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, & Vegan)


♡ How to create your own meal plan

♡ 10 Popular Lean Bulk Meal Recipes

  FAQ Section with extremely detailed responses to crucial Lean Bulk questions

♡ Hacks, Tips, & Advice

♡ Visually Appealing

♡ One Purchase = Lifetime Access

If you aren’t sure if this guide is the best guide for your goals, kindly DM @bodybytati.help OR Email bodybytati.help@gmail.com