Fat Loss Nutrition Guide

Fat Loss Nutrition Guide

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The ultimate nutrition guide for shredding fat while keeping your curves and toning up overall

This DELUXE Fat Loss Nutrition Guide includes the following:

♡ How to lose fat while keeping/enhancing your curves (from a nutritional aspect)

♡ Detailed Q&A Section

♡ How to properly calculate & track your calories/macros for fat loss

♡ A sustainable and non-strict method of eating to shred fat easily

♡ Learn about your body type

♡ Intermittent Fasting breakdown

♡ How to effectively cope with cravings

♡ Fat loss tips & hacks

♡ Debunking fat loss myths

♡ How to eat to maintain your results

♡ “Where to start?” Step-By-Step guide

♡ Food/Grocery List

♡ 100 Healthy Meal Ideas with visual images

♡ 50 Healthy Snack Ideas with visual images

♡ Meat + Dairy Eater, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, and Nut Allergy friendly sample meal plans

♡ How to create your own meal plan Step-By-Step guide

♡ Best supplements for your goals + recommended brands

♡ Visually Appealing overall 

♡ One Purchase = Lifetime Access

♡ Limited Edition E-book (when my new fitness programs launch in 8+ weeks, the ebook version of this guide will no longer be offered)

Who is this nutrition guide best for?

If you fit into any of the scenarios  mentioned below , than this guide is most likely the best nutrition guide for your goals , however if you are still unsure , feel free to DM me at @bodybytati.help for a consultation

Scenario 1: You’re looking to shred off some unwanted fat in various areas while simultaneously toning up/keeping your curves

Scenario 2: You‘re looking to drop around 10-50+ lbs while toning up overall (and keeping your curves)

Scenario 3: You went on a weight gain journey and are now trying to shred off any unwanted fat that was accumulated in the process while maintaining your gains

Scenario 4: You just want to be leaner and see more definition overall (shred fat, smaller waist, more toned/definition, abs , etc)

Customer Reviews

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Great Guide

After having a baby I struggled with overeating & eating too much of the wrong things. This guide provides you with more than enough information. The meals are very easy to prepare and are very tasty. If you’re thinking about getting this guide, DO IT !

Love it !

• Very detailed
• Easy to comprehend
• Sooo many meal ideas to fit anyone’s lifestyle
• Also very neat and organized !
• Packed with gems !