Dumbbell Booty Workout Program

Dumbbell Booty Workout Program

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Target & build your glutes with this dumbbell only lower body guide ! The only piece of equipment required for this guide are dumbbells ! I recommend pairing this workout program with my Lean Curves Nutrition Guide ( Is you’re looking to build lean muscle or build lean muscle while losing unwanted fat over time) or Weight Gain Nutrition Guide (for my petite babes looking to go on a healthy weight gain journey).

With this workout program , you get:

♡ 8-weeks worth of dumbbell only gym based workouts 

♡ Lower body workouts + cardio workouts 

♡ Interactive workout video demos 

♡ Detailed FAQ section & workout calendar 

♡ One purchase = lifetime access 

DISCLAIMER: This program is a workout program, meaning it does NOT come with nutrition. Please refer to my nutrition guides for your nutrition needs.