8-Week Full Body Guide: Dumbbell Only

8-Week Full Body Guide: Dumbbell Only

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This 8-week Dumbbell only full body guide is the PERFECT guide for the ultimate full body transformation using minimal equipment ! Combining my dumbbell only BOOTY building guide with my dumbbell only UPPER BODY guide and some dumbbell/bodyweight core routines to build a sexy and toned look all over ! If you are looking for a full body transformation, want to tone up everywhere, and want to build your upper body, lower body, and core , then this is the fitness guide for you. 2 times a week upper body, 2 times a week lower-body, 3 times a week core ! You’ll be working out a total of 5 times a week but that can be modified ! 

What do you get?

♡ 8-Weeks worth of upper body, lower-body, and core workouts 

♡ 4K Quality Workout video demos 

♡ Detailed Nutrition Guide + Meat Eater Friendly , Pescatarian Friendly, Vegetarian, and Vegan Friendly Meal Plan

♡ Scientific Breakdown For Building Muscle  

♡ My Secrets, Hacks, and Thoroughly Explained Tips For  a successful Full Body Transformation 

♡ Detailed workout calendar/schedule 

♡ Detailed 12 Page Student Section

♡ Gym Based Anxiety Section

 ♡ Access To My App