8-Week Dumbbell Only Booty Building Guide

8-Week Dumbbell Only Booty Building Guide

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This 8-week Dumbbell only booty building guide is the perfect boost building guide for someone who wants to build their glutes and either only has access to dumbbells , or only feels comfortable using dumbbells. This guide is packed with dumbbell based exercises that will target and build your glutes from EVERY angle!! This guide shares the same nutrition and information as my 12-week booty building guide, the difference is this guide only requires dumbbells ! No fancy machines ! Just dumbbells ! 

With your purchase you get:

♡ 8-Weeks Worth of Booty Building Workout Routines  

♡ 4K Quality Workout video demos 

♡ Follow Along to Cardio Workout Videos Pulled From My 30 Day Fat Blaster 

♡ Detailed Nutrition Guide + Meat Eater Friendly , Pescatarian Friendly, Vegetarian, and Vegan Friendly Meal Plan

♡ My Secrets, Hacks, and Thoroughly Explained Tips For  Booty Building  

♡ Detailed 12 Page Student Section

♡ Gym Based Anxiety Section

 ♡ Access To My App