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Question: I have slim legs, but a lot of belly fat/back fat/arm fat. My goal is to slim out my upper half and lose this stomach/get a smaller waist but I also want to gain weight in my thighs, booty, and hips. What do I do?

Answer: You have two options. You can try to lose the fat first using my 30 day fat blaster, and then move onto my booty building ebook afterwards, which is usually the best option, OR you can wait for my booty building ebook to come out and use it to slowly drop body fat while sculpting your glutes

Question: I want a smaller waist and bigger booty!

Answer: Just like girl #1, you have two options. You can focus on one goal at a time and use my 30 day fat blaster first, then move onto my booty building ebook, or you can wait for my booty building ebook that aids in dropping body fat while building those glutes!

 Question: I already kind of have a curvy figure, I just want to achieve a smaller waist and be toned?

Answer: Start off with my 30 Day Fat Blaster !

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