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Question: Helpp, I've been trying to gain weight for so long and nothing is working. I feel like I've tried everything. My metabolism is so fast so im starting to lose hope, do you think that your weight gain ebook will help?

Answer: Hey hun! I hear so many women say they've tried everything, but these same women don't have an understanding on whats required to gain weight ! Coming from someone who used to be skinny with a fast metabolism and a low appetite, it's not as hard as you think! My weight gain ebook takes a scientific approach to gaining weight that will guarantee results if you are consistent ! I explain how to gain weight, the different strategies for going about it, and give you plenty of high calorie meal ideas to accompany your weight gain journey + workout routine to help you manipulate where you gain ! My Weight Gain Ebook would be perfect for you!

Question: Not sure which ebook is right for me, I'm skinny with no booty, and whenever I do gain weight it goes straight to my tummy. I want to gain in my thighs and booty without gaining in my stomach? Which ebook?

Answer: The reason the weight is going to your tummy, and the reason why most gain in their tummy, is because they are relying on their genetics to distribute the weight. This means that they are attempting to gain weight by "eating a lot" , and just hoping the weight will go straight to their booty. Then you have your category of girls who think drinking a bunch of protein shakes and "ensures" will magically distribute weight to their thighs and  booty. Unfortunately this is NOT how it works. Gaining weight and building in the right places comes from a combination of eating a certain amount of calories a day plus a good workout regime for building muscle. My weight gain ebook explains this and comes with 8 weeks worth of lower body routines ! You prevent tummy fat gain by implementing a good workout routine and nutritious calorie dense meals, all explained in my Weight Gain Ebook. And you can;t neglect cardio!

Question: I'm skinny with a small pudge , meaning my legs are skinny and I don't have much of a booty, but I have a little bit of stomach fat. I really want to flatten out my stomach but grow my  booty at the same time. I don't know what to do because if I want to lose the fat off my tummy but don't want my legs to get any skinnier or my booty to get any flatter, and then I want to gain in my booty and legs but not so happy with where my tummy is. Is it possible to do both at the same time? And if so, which ebook?

Answer: Yes it is possible to drop bodyfat while building muscle with the right macros and the right workout routine. Your goals most closely align with my booty building program that has not been released yet. This program is set to be released this month, but if you need a program to start in the meanwhile , your best bet is my Weight Gain Ebook. The reason for this is because if you're reaching that recommended calorie intake each day, staying on top of your workouts, and getting in cardio atleast 2x a week (even a small 10-20 min jog on the treadmill or the free cardio workout on my youtube channel: Tatiana Keita), then you can successfully build in your lower half without gaining little to none in your tummy area! Or you can wait for my booty building guide, it's up to you!

Question: I'm looking to gain in my booty, hips, and thighs, but maintain a flat tummy. I'm trying to get "thick", can you help me? Which ebook would be best for me?

Answer: Sounds like my Weight Gain Ebook would be perfect for you! My weight gain ebook will explain how to achieve this while preventing unwanted tummy fat! It comes with 8 weeks of lower body workouts for home and gym!

Question: I really want abs but I also want a thicker lower half? How can I go about this and which ebook would be best for me?

Answer: You can train abs all you want but you won't be able to really see them if your body fat isn't low enough for them to be super visible! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't train abs at all! Abs are muscles too that can be built whether you're gaining or losing. I recommend gaining the weight first to build muscle, while also training abs, that way when you're ready to lose fat while maintaining the muscle you built, you will have a great foundation of abs waiting for you as you lose fat ! So you can use my weight gain ebook and core guide in conjunction. Another thing you can do is wait for my booty building ebook (which may be better) and use that in conjunction with my core guide!

Question: So I'm actually an athlete so i'm always active and always running but I really want to build some more muscle and get a little thicker, I'm tired of being skinny. Is this possible given the fact that I play a sport, and if it is, which ebook would be best for this?

Answer: Anything is possible if you're willing to put in the effort, however with the high amounts of cardio that athletes participate in, the part of gaining weight that would be difficult is getting in enough calories given the fact that you would need to consume alot more than the average person. One way to aid in making gainz is to prioritize your protein intake ! My weight gain ebook comes with some awesome high protein meals , as well as my upcoming booty building ebook!

Question: How can I go from skinny with hip dips and square shaped waist to curvy with wider hips and slightly thicker?

Answer: So the first thing you need to accept is that the way your hips are shaped depends on your genetics, and that no matter what you do, you can't change the bone structure of your hips, but there are ways to give off the illusion of hips, such as a smaller waist, building your lower body, building the muscles around your hips, and training your back! Reducing the appearance of hip dips and building a curvier figure is most closely aligned with my upcoming booty building ebook

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