Ultimate Guide To Gaining Weight

  • 50 Healthy Weight Gain Meal Ideas WITH Visuals + Calorie content

  • 14 High Calorie Weight Gain Shake Recipes WITH Visuals + Calorie Content

  • 8 Weeks worth of HOME lower body routines AND GYM lower body Routines 

  • Workout Video Demos

  • Access to my BBT Mobile App

  • Advice + Helpful info for ensuring a successful journey

  • One purchase = Lifetime Access
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Question: What kind of people would this ebook work for?

Answer: Anyone looking to gain healthy weight, particularly in their lower half! While you can't choose where you gain weight, you can manipulate where you gain with the right eating + workout regime , mixed in with a dash of consistency! This ebook is great for anyone wanting to bulk/build muscle in their lower half while maintaining a flat tummy, or great for anyone with the overall goal of gaining weight !

Question: Does the Weight Gain Ebook make you gain everywhere?

Answer: Asking if you will gain everywhere is a question that insinuates that you would gain unwanted fat everywhere, and the answer to that is NO! That is preventable! This is where healthy weight gain meals and a good workout regime would come into play! My Weight Gain Ebook provides you with ALL the resources you could possibly need to build !

Question: Does this work for people with a fast metabolism?

Answer: Absolutely !

Question: How can I be sure that I will see results?

Answer: Consistency is the BBT motto! Consistency with the meals, calories, and workouts = success. The best thing for your journey would be to not compare yourself to others, and stay positive. Building isn't an easy process, but I want to help you in every way I can !

Question: Is there any equipment required for the home workouts?

Answer: Resistance bands are required, however if you are a beginner, you most likely wont need any for the first 2 weeks of your journey!

Question: Is this a Gym based ebook?

Answer: The ebook comes with 8 weeks of HOME routines and 8 weeks of GYM routines. You get the best of both worlds

Question: Where can I buy resistance bands?

Answer: I recommend any booty band set from thexbands.com ! Best quality resistance bands!