OLD EDITION: Sexy Tummy + Booty Building Guide (Home)

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This sexy tummy + booty building guide is perfect for working on that core and sculpting your waistline while building a booty at the same time ! The perfect guide for helping you get started on those body goals for the super budget friendly price of $5!

DISCLAIMER: This guide is NOT recommended to those wanting to lose weight/overall bodyfat. If you're looking to lose unwanted fat and build a booty, you would first complete my 30 day fat blaster OR Body sculpting ebook first, and then use my booty building ebook !! 

This ebook is one of BBT's first ebooks, hence the reason for it being referred to as an "old edition". To read about the difference between BBT's old ebooks and new ebooks, visit the tab "ebook info" in the sidebar menu, and then click "old vs new ebooks"! Tatiana's old ebooks are completely different from her new ebooks. Her old ebooks do not come with access to her app.